"Chmagh" Stuffed Pillow (Red & White)

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The chmagh "شماغ".. is not just a piece of cloth or design, it is rather an extension of our ancestors to different generations in the Arab region. 
It is a story of originality, heritage, and struggle and has a historical sanctity. People used to wear it to protect themselves from the dust of the desert and the hot sun, while others wear it to warm themselves up in the cold weather.
Today we present it again with a modern spirit to give your look a new and unconventional heritage touch. 
The chmagh comes in many colors and shapes, each according to the country of origin. It's also named in different ways some call it koufiya "كوفية", others call it Hatta "حطة", or Ghootra "غُترة". 


Made of 100% soft polyester.

Size guide:

Metric (CM) 45.7 x 45.7
Imperial (Inches) 18 x 18