"Arabic Language Fanatic" Pillow Case (Black)

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This design looks like Arabic script but it’s actually English, using Arabic diacritics “تشكيل” Tashkeel or Tashkil, these little signs which were originated during the golden era of Islam to help non Arab scholars pronounce Arabic correctly.

If you speak Arabic and can read the Tashkeel, try to read the design in English with the Tashkeel...We made sure it’s written correctly even on this English phrase!

So if you tend to correct people when they make Arabic grammar mistakes or you need a gift to someone who is "مُتَعَصِّبٌ / مُتَعَصِّبةٌ للُغَة العَرَبِيّة" an Arabic Language Fanatic, then this is your right choice.


Made of 100% soft polyester.

Size guide:

Metric (CM) 45.7 x 45.7
Imperial (Inches) 18 x 18