Why did we start QAF NOT KAF?

Short story: QAF NOT KAF is an initiative to raise awareness of the beauty of Arabic as a language and culture using deep, fun or sarcastic designs in a fresh and modern way to fight a stereotype which is associating Arabic and anything related to it to terrorism.

The long story: It all begun when I was wearing something with Arabic calligraphy and I was picked up for inspection in an European airport where I traveled via that airport like a billion times and I was never picked up for inspection until that day, foreign friends saw it as being extra cautious for security reasons I saw something bigger...In Arabic we say “whose hands in fire is not like whose hands in water”, a person who experience and suffer from things is not like a person who doesn't.

To me it was about linking my own language to a horrible thing and treating me as a terrorist until they searched me to make sure that I am not one, that is actually an unspoken about stereotype, my language was hijacked by thugs but the truth is I am not a terrorist and #ArabicIsNotTerrorism


Short story: "Q NOT K" An analogy for "This is the correct Arabic” or "This is the proper Arabic".

The long story: “KAF” (ك) is the 22nd letter in the Arabic alphabets and it's pronounced and translated in English alphabets as K, in a very similar way as it's pronounced in Arabic.

“QAF” (ق) is the 21st letter in the Arabic alphabets and roughly translated from Arabic to English alphabets as Q, and it has a very distinctive way to pronounce in Arabic but it is almost always written or pronounced as K in non Arab media or by non native Arabic speakers since K and Q are pronounced exactly the same in English.

Where your ideas come from?

Arabic is a powerful language and visually beautiful so we wanted to unleash that unseen part to mainstream, we decided to bring positivity and empowering energy in a premium clothing form using the elements of Arabic as a picturesque language, and other elements that it excels at combined with current technology to bring our Arabic inspired designs with English translations.

What shall the world learn from us?

People should stop judging each others and look at their similarities instead of their differences, we all have one place to live and it can not handle more than what it is already handling...That place is called the Pale Blue Dot...

We should also learn to...NEVER MESS UP WITH A VISUAL ARTIST!

Final thoughts...

We hope that we can build a bridge to the world using Arabic calligraphy and typography while delivering fun, thoughtful and powerful messages in appealing one of a kind designs.

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